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Subject: Re: Parts suppliers

Subject: Subject: Re: Parts suppliers
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 17:30:13 -0500
   I tend to agree with you. While I do on occaison buy from the Big 3, in
too many cases parts can be had from some of the smaller suppliers at a
reduced cost, with the same or better quality.
  Some time back, I received a cataloge from one of the above small suppliers
I do business with, and there was an "editorial" type blurb on one of the
early pages. I don't remember the exact wording, but the gist of the piece
was the while this supplier was glad to provide and extensive inventory, he
(the owner?) suggested that before ordering from him, we the customer check
with our local suppy house. 
  WHAT!? the guy is telling me to go to somebody else first.  But reading
further, I say the logic in what he was saying.
  His point was that by-passing the local parts supply, to save a couple of
bucks (which may be eaten up in shipping) we reduced the local suppliers
business. And because he operated with a much smaller customer base, the loss
of one sale was much more likely to be felt than a mail order house. Then
when it gets to the point where too many people are buying from the
mail-order houses, he (the local) says to heck with it and goes out of
business, or drops the LBC parts from his inventory.
  I think the comparison can be carried up the line, so to speak. If we
ignore the smaller suppliers, who carry good quality parts at reasonable
prices, just so we can deal with the Biggies who supposedly are
remanufacturing a bunch of those obsolete parts, we put the small supplier in
the same position. 
   And too, we can't afford to overlook the local guy either. Case in point.
Last summer the starter on my B packed it in (all the smoke escaped).  I
checked all the mail order houses (all the while parking on hills). The best
I could find was a rebuilt for about $95.  #2 son (the Cor****e nut)
suggested I go to Advance Auto. He had worked there while in college and
thought they had starters for a B. Went there, did that. Got a rebuilt
starter (delivered in 24 hrs) for $80.00, after refund of the core charge,
and a lifetime warrenty. I don't think Moss is offering such a warrenty are
  As for the availibility of some hard to find parts, basically it boils down
to the law of supply and demand. If a demand is there, someone will provide
the supply, at some price WHICH IS SET BY THE MARKET.  While I applaud Moss,
etc. for their inititive in causing the re-manufacture of these parts, I
seriously doubt they do so from the goodness of their hearts. After all, when
all is said and done, they are a business, a business that is expected to
turn a profit. And nobody is going to stay in business carrying a phlodget
gear for a 1952 whatsis if they can't make money doing it. 

Sorry to be so long winded, but I haven't posted in a while and I needed to
get my .02 in before I have withdrawall symptoms.

Rick Morrison

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