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Re: Overdrive switch question

Subject: Re: Overdrive switch question
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 17:54:53 EST
On Sun, 22 Dec 1996 16:59:13 -0800 "craig wiper" <>
>It looks like the switch was on the steering column from about '72 to 
>I've got a '72 BGT that I stole an overdrive from for my early '74B. 
>both have the steering column overdrive switch. The '74 came without
>overdrive, but the switch was already installed anyway. So, if you 
>wanted a
>wiper switch on a '72 thru '74, you also got an overdrive switch since
>these are all the same unit.
>Craig Wiper

Thanks Craig but I dont think so - well at least not all -  My 72 has no
vestigial switch and I had a 74(early)LHD which i sold last year - same
thing, no switch - Oh, and no overdrive on either!!
Also, as I said, my RHD card were configured differently but the columns
are common to U.S.models

mike robson
69 roadster
72 roadster
"that other one"
not a switch nor an O/D among 'em

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