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Re: British Parts Connection

Subject: Re: British Parts Connection
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 20:32:22 -0500

I could not agree with you more!  I've written about my purchase from Dick
Burger in the past; and can only stress again that it was a truely positive
experience!  I too screwed up my order (anyone suprised?) and Dick was
extremely helpful in getting it right!  IMHO the British Parts Connection is
the way to go.


In a message dated 96-12-23 20:20:28 EST, (Bob
Hamilton) writes:
>  Peter,
>          I'm not sure how he does it but Dick Burger a.k.a. B.P.C., 
>  is definately less expensive when purchasing Moss parts through him 
>  and the parts are shipped direct to your address from Moss. A good 
>  fellow to deal with and besides he even helps you out when you screw 
>  up on part numbers like I did on one order to him this past summer.
>  Just a satisfied customer.
>  Regards,
>  Bob

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