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Non LBC Fast Moving Car Show

Subject: Non LBC Fast Moving Car Show
From: ckr <>
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 23:43:26 -0500
Hey, Friends:

Had an interesting experience to share with the list. Tune out if German 
iron and/or interesting drive stories don't interest you.

Coming back from a Christmas get-together with some relatives in the 
Shenendoah Valley last weekend (just myself and the hound), I took a 
somewhat circuitous route since there's no good way to get from here to 
there in a straight line. Just after coming through Charlottesville, I 
turned off of US 250 onto SR 22 (I believe ... it connects with SR 231 
just after Shadwell). I was driving my venerable winter beater, a 1984 
VW Rabbit -- I had need of room for presents and the dog, you see. I 
turned on the road just behind a drop-dead gorgeous 68? Mercedes 250 SL 
C roadster -- bright red and restored beautifully. 

Just up the road a bit, we were joined by an old orange Audi 2000 or 
3000, a BMW 2002, some 3-series BMW (it was behind me all the way and 
I'm not that good at figuring Beemers out, but I'd guess a 320i) and a 
96 Mercedes turbo wagon. Rolling German roadshow! The 250 SL led the way 
up a winding estate-filled section of Albemarle County at an astonishing 
pace; we were doing above 70 most of the way. I'm positive I'm not the 
only one who realised we had a German car convoy ... we all kept 
together in a line most of the way up the road, and one by one, turned 
our lights on (even though it was daylight out).  What fun!

Presently we came upon a Buick land yacht doing about 50. The Merc was 
merciless ... he flashed his high beams at the fella for over two miles. 
Finally, in a wide spot outside the gates of an estate, the offending 
Buick pulled over -- and each of us flashed our lights at him in turn as 
we drove past! Back up to 70, right through the Gordonsville roundabout 
and up 4-lane US 15; then, the Mercedes really opened up and pushed it 
to almost 90. Of course, we kept pace (as best we could ... that was one 
tired Rabbit I brought home) but a few cars changed positions. I fell in 
behind the Mercedes Turbo but ahead of the BMW 320 and the old Audi. We 
passed a lot of cars on US 15, but none of them (thankfully!) a trooper. 
Most drivers seemed to realise we were some sort of group and waved as 
we sped past.

The group finally broke up at SR 20 in Orange Courthouse, with me 
heading east, the 250 SL continuing north, and the rest pulling off in 
various directions at the Courthouse. A round of waving and horn-honking 
ensued and, had there been a handy pub, I would've been tempted to pull 
in to see if anyone followed. Most fun I've had outside of a British car 
show or rally, and I thought you'd enjoy the 'off-marque' story. Perhaps 
there's hope for drivers of German cars, as well.

Cheers and Happy Christmas,

75 MGB 'Rags'
84 VW Rabbit 'Haase'

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