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Alberta All-British Motor Meet

Subject: Alberta All-British Motor Meet
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 11:23:50 -0500
The Alberta All-British Motor Meet will be held on the weekend of June 14
at Fort Edmonton Park.  Our motto this year is "If you feed them, they will
come".  We are planning a free beer/free food party for the Friday evening,
a day of car display at the Fort followed by a wonderful dinner.
Registration to the whole thing will be reasonable (subsidized).  The
Sunday will see a tour to Vegreville to participate in the annual (big!)
car show and watch the combine races and demo derby.  If you have never
seen combines going 40 mph on the track you haven't lived.  The highlight
is when the combines attack one another.  The winner is the one who tips
the other combine over.  Sounds crazy, no?  Hope to see you there.  Please
e-mail me for details.  More will be forthcoming as time passes.

John McEwen

Merry Christmas to all from the land of Santa Claus

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