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Binding Brakes on MGA?

Subject: Binding Brakes on MGA?
From: (Leigh Stubbs)
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 1996 19:56:43 -0800
Hi Everybody

This is a question to those MGA owners who may have had a similar 

Today, Christmas day, we went driving in the LBC and after about 20 
minutes, I noticed that the car was getting very sluggish.  Also the 
brake pedal was almost solid to the push.  I deduced that the brakes were 
binding.  When we arrived at our destination the whell spinners were very 
hot and there was evidence of molten grease on the hubs of the front 

After a couple of hours, the wheels had cooled and were free again.  This 
is very worrying, since the brakes have just been completely overhauled. 
 I suspect that when the brakes get hot, the brake shoes expand and bind 
on the drum, even when not pushing the brake pedal. The brake pedal has 
very little travel even when cold. Is there a way to adjust the brakes so 
that the is more clearance?  Or, is it possible that the master Cylinder 
gets a blocked valve and does not release the presure from the brakes?

If there is a simple adjustment that would solve this problem, then I 
will do that myself, otherwise I have to take the car back in to the 
mechanic who overhauled the brakes.  The former would be a better option 
at this time of the year.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Best wishes to all for the festive season and 1997..

1957 MGA Coupe'
South Africa

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