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Re: MG Christmas Eve

To: Williams/MG Guy <>
Subject: Re: MG Christmas Eve
From: moody <>
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 1996 04:01:34 -0800
Williams/MG Guy wrote:
> About the only white in Christmas this year here in Halifax, Nova Scotia is
> in the famous song, collective memories of growing up in Northern Ontario,
> or my GT in the garage.
> Happy Christmas Eve everyone. There's a little light rain, and it's 'bout 9
> degrees Celcius (about 45 Farenheight..I've forgotten the converstion). Not
> a flake of snow, save for the occasional dusting all month...
> Why, based on the forecast of above freezing temperatures on Christmas Day,
> and the promise of a wisp of sunshine and warmer still on Boxing Day - I may
> just drive an MG at Christmas for the first time since....well - ever!
> A present all unto itself!
> May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmas's be white
> enough in your mind...
> Cheers on Christmas Eve from the Atlantic coast of Canada..
> Terry "Feelin' Poetic" Williams
> '70 BGT - white for Christmas
> '68 roadster - red, like a certain deer's nose


A light dusting of snow blankets Toronto this morning. Just enough to make it a 
Christmas. Temperature is -8c so if I'm going to take the B out with the top 
down, I'll 
probably have to wear a sweater.

If your missing  northern Ontario this Christmas just take your car out for a 
run today, 
roll the windows down, and crank up a tape of Stompin Tom's "Sudbury Saturday 
That should take care of the nostalgia and afterward a large glass of Skreech 
by a fresh Christmas lobster should cure what ails ya.

Even the rotary Wankel MG has moved to Toronto where it and Steve are still on 
the road 
at this time of year.

The guy who bought your Magnette is nearing completion of the restoration so 
expected to be on the road possibly next year.

With a foot of snow in Vancouver, arctic tempuratures in the praries, a dusting 
Ontario and sunny and warm in Nova Scotia its Merry Christmas to all from the 
White North eh.
Happy Holidays everyone,

 Ed and Erin Moody
Dad 79 MG 
Daughter 77 MG

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