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No longer looking for MGTD

To: mgs <>
Subject: No longer looking for MGTD
From: "James T. Dunn" <103606.744@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 25 Dec 96 15:59:35 EST

    Thanks for all the replys that I received on my questions about a TD, they
were all very helpfull.
    I'm now the owner of a 1952 MGTD which i purchased in Louisville, Kentuckey,
a very nice car
    which just had a complete engine and tranny rebuild..

    The only item missing from the car was the jack and lug wrench so does
anyone have on the
    list have these items for sale or know where I can get  them ( like to have
used original if possible).


  Jim Dunn (having fun with an MG)
  Birmingham, Alabama

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