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Like challenged souls

Subject: Like challenged souls
From: (Philip M Haines)
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 1996 17:11:12 EST
I was just reading the mail minding my own business,
wondering what a nice guy like me is doing in a place 
like this, when the words, "Like challenged souls"
passed thru my field of vision. This," Tickled me Elmo"! 

I am trying to grab the inspiration to start the short block
exchange.  So far all the cliche's haven't overcome the 
flood of memories from last year. Like:
        -spending four hours getting the slave cylinder
off the bell housing.
        - almost cursing when the radiator cowl would
not realign correctly. (Doing a Saint Vidas dance instead)
        -Looking like something out of a Dickens Novel
with all the grease and rashes from solvents etc.
        -messing up the rear transmission seal installing
the propeller shaft.
        -plus all the nicks bangs and burns the poor thing

The sports car paint job on my '72 midget has faded to 
what Finish Master's calls, "Prophet  Red" but still looks
all right against new fallen snow, if I do say so myself.  
I don't want to spout ecumenical cliche's but is this what I am 
reduced to?

No Sir! I shall complete the task at hand, realizing that there have
been like challenged souls that have blazed the trail before me. 
With humor and a smile I shall defeat those garage devils and 
set my midget straight. 

May the New Year Bring Happiness to All!
Just plain Phil

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