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Re: MGB door adjustments

To: Dennis Skog <>
Subject: Re: MGB door adjustments
From: Graham McCann <>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 09:24:38 +1100
At 01:14 pm 25/12/96 -0800, Dennis Skog wrote:
>Started putting my '66 MGB back together a few weeks ago and am at a loss
>getting the doors to align properly. The passenger side door is offset 
>outward at the top by 1/2 " measured from the top of the windscreen. The 
>misalignment is not in the quarterlight but the door itself. Are there 
>any adjustments to move the door hinges in/out ?

This is pretty unusual unless there has been accident damage or the door
hinges have been refitted incorrectly.  Better check this although don't
ignore the possibility of a new door being fitted some time which was out
of shape or indeed that the car was built on a Monday at the factory!!



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