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Subject: BOUNCE mgs: Non-member submission from [ (mark barrington)]
From: Mark J Bradakis <mjb>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 17:28:09 -0700 (MST)
     Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 13:53:42 -0600 (CST)
     From: (mark barrington)
     Subject: lurking; mgb bodyshell; 100% restorations

Hey folks, I've been lurking on the list for about three months, and I
thought I'd finally deposit my tuppence worth...  I recently bought an MGB
bodyshell.  Reading Jarl's disdainful comments about "jacking up the ID tag
and ..." I feel the need to defend myself.  My original bodyshell was
destroyed by a drunk idiot who ran a red light.  The amount of twisting
ruined the structural integrity of the car.  I really didn't have much
choice in restoration.  Either buy an MGB in restorable condition and use
the newly rebuilt engine from the crashed car, or buy the bodyshell and make
a "new" car.  Since I really liked and had worked on almost every component
of my old car, I chose the latter path.  It doesn't make much economic
sense, there are plenty of nicely restored MGB which are ready to go for
much less than I will eventually spend on the bodyshell resto.  And I do
agree with Jarl that a nicely restored original is probably worth more than
what will turn out to be essentially a replicar...  But its collector value
doesn't matter much to me since I will NEVER sell the car.
        Now a couple of questions.  I need to buy Lindsay Porter's book, but
in the meantime, I'd like to ask the list.  Unfortunately, the bodyshell
will start its life with body filler.  It arrived with several dents...
I've filed a claim with Roadway and talked to Moss about this, but so far no
satisfaction.  I hope its just a matter of time before I receive a
settlement, but its pretty upsetting to get damaged goods.  Part of the
reason I ordered from Moss was to have someone in the US to deal with in
case of problems.  So far, I haven't got much satisfaction, but its still
pretty early in the process.  OK, whining session over...  Are those seams
on the rear deck above the boot lid original?  They are filled on my donor
car, but that wouldn't be the only bondo on the car.  There are various
seams on the bodyshell (the aforementioned rear deck, rear of the rocker
panels, back of the car behind boot lid, etc.) which, to my mind, would look
better filled?  Did MG really ship cars from the factory with so many
visible seams?  What's the consensus...
        Thanks in advance, I really enjoy reading this list.


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