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MGB 3.9 crown wheel and pinion.

Subject: MGB 3.9 crown wheel and pinion.
From: John Saxon <>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 12:20:09 +1100
I am looking to buy an MGB 3.9 ratio crown wheel and pinion to lower the
engine speed of my MGA at highway speeds. I am not sure if  this is the
correct term in the US  but it is the large gear and pinion in the differential.

The whole differential centre would do ie the alloy carrier and all the
works with it. I think all MGBs had fine splines to the half shafts and I
will need to therefore change the minor gear wheels (sun wheels?) to suit my
10 spline wire wheel half shafts.

If anybody can help, please email me direct. Although in Australia, I have
US addresses where I can receive bits and pieces for collection early next year.

John Saxon 1958 MGA 1500. <>


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