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Re: Where's the chat room

To: John Steunenberg <>
Subject: Re: Where's the chat room
From: (David Deutsch)
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 18:34:01 -0800

It's been like a ghost town around here lately, I even drove thru the 
mall parking lot looking for all the LBCs, figured every body's holiday 
shopping, nothing, not even "my other car is a MG" bumper stickers.
We got lots of tech stuff happening around  Long Island, Jan. 11th Race 
engine shop in Lake Ronkonkama, Jan. 18th auto body restoration shop in 
Brooklyn and Feb 15th, weather permitting I'll be in Alexandria Va. for 
machine shop tech session. Also in feb. there is going to be a two part 
MG transmission rebuild session by Eastern N.Y. MGA club member (in New 
Jersey). I have not driven an MG in a week and I'm dieing. I hope your 
holiday is going well, Safety Fast, David Deutsch   

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