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A Black Bra for Xmas

Subject: A Black Bra for Xmas
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 21:58:14 -0500
Listing Listers,
         From some of the reports I read there were MG's sliding around on
Christmas Day all over the world.  Santa must of had a hard time dodging them
Here in Canon City, Co. in was sunny and in the fifties.  As David D. said he
hoped everyone would get a gift with a Union Jack on the box.  I did, it was
from Moss and had a bra or vest for my 73 BGT.  After attaching said garment
I jumped the tired old batteries and took it for a spin.  Since there are no
flying bugs out I couldn't tell how the little bug deflector in the center
worked, but I sure I will get a chance to see come summer.
          I am very pleased with fit and the quality of this item.  Also the
black vinyl looks great against the BRG paint.  Sure doesn't take much of a
reason to get out of the house , does it?
                                    See ya all
                                     Bill in Colorado

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