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Radiators, Paddy Hopkirk pedals

Subject: Radiators, Paddy Hopkirk pedals
From: William Eastman <>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 16:22:41 -0600

The Paddy Hopkirk pedal attaches to the standard throttle to make heel and
toe downshifting easier.  It kind of wraps around the brake pedal.  It also
looks way cool.

Concerning radiator soldering.  I have fixed a few in the past and would
now recommend quite strongly that you have it done by a professional. 
Between old paint, scale, and scum, the radiator metal is very tough to get
solder to stick to.  You have to use a lot of acid flux and solder to clean
the surfaces so that it will stick.  Even then, you can't be sure that the
bond will hold.  A radiator shop will hot tank the unit so that it will be
very clean and solder will stick easily.

Concerning letting the radiator shop paint it, I have heard that the
typical shop uses a black paint that is much glossier than the original MG
paint.  I guess you would have to weigh appearance against convenience.

Bill Eastman

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