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Re: Binding Brakes on MGA? (REPLY)

Subject: Re: Binding Brakes on MGA? (REPLY)
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 20:17:05 -0500
In a message dated 96-12-26 22:48:33 EST, you write:

<< You didn't say whether you had silicone fluid or Castrol LMA.  I am 
 guessing that you might have put silicone fluid in when you 
 FWIW, this happened to my on my 58 MGA after a brake rebuild.  I had 
 rebuilt all cylinders, master cylinder, flushed out the lines and 
 replaced with silicone fluid.  Whenever the temperature got over 
 70 deg. F (appx. 21 deg. C), the brakes would bind.  I got to carrying
 a box wrench in the door pocket and jumping out and loosening the
 driver's side rear bleeder whenever this would happen to relieve
 the fluid pressure.  The fluid would shoot out, even without a 
 foot on the pedal.
I wish I had read this about 6 months ago.  I just renewed my '58 MGA's
hydraulics and used silicone.  Haven't driven it much yet, but I guess I'll
find out this summer.

Scott in Northern Indiana  TRMGAFUN@AOL.COM
1958 MGA  HDA4346400
1958 TR3A TS35306L
1958 100/6  BN4L 0 49881

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