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Re: Paddy Hopkirk pedals

To: MGs-L <>
Subject: Re: Paddy Hopkirk pedals
From: Shel Bercovich <>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 21:21:16 -0700
It also sticks _down_ a little further than the standard pedal, thus
making it easier to put the heel on the gas and the toe on the brake.

I've made my own with a piece of aluminum about 2 1/2" X 1 1/4". Drill
two or three holes through the aluminum into the uncovered gas pedal,
countersink the tops of the holes and use flat headed machine screws and
nuts to fasten it down. Careful that the screws don't stick too far out
beyond the pedal - they may get caught in the carpet (if you use carpet
as floor mats). For the same reason, don't make the pedal too long.

William Eastman wrote:
> The Paddy Hopkirk pedal attaches to the standard throttle to make heel and
> toe downshifting easier.  It kind of wraps around the brake pedal.  It also
> looks way cool.
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