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Binding brakes on MGA, Thanks!!!!

Subject: Binding brakes on MGA, Thanks!!!!
From: (Leigh Stubbs)
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 07:24:14 -0800
Hi Everybody.

Since posting the problem of the binding brakes, I've had a flood of very 
usefull advice.  So far I've adjusted the shoe adjusters and shortened 
the Master Cylinder push rod.  This seems to have helped.  If the problem 
persists, I'll check what brake fluid was used, what the condition of the 
pipes is and whether the release hole is still not being uncovered.

Gee I must say, that next to buying the "Little A", joining this list was 
the best thing we could have done.  Thanks once again, and we'll keep 
you posted as to progress.

Have a great new year, and be sure to leave the LBC at home on new years 

1957 MGA Coupe'

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