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Re: hesitation

Subject: Re: hesitation
From: Wayne Kube <>
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 08:25:03 -0600 wrote:
> lately i have been noticing that my midget ( a '66 with a
> 1275cc engine in it) not only has one hell of a rough time starting when
> it is cold this winter, but also when i finally get it started, it has a
> heck of a rough time around 3000rpm. if i try to rev it to 3000 rpm after
> it has been started it will stall. eventually, after it runs for a while,
> it just has a bit of a flat spot at 3000rpm that you have to be mindful
> of when shifting through the gears. 

Glen - check the dashpot fluid for correct level and proper
consistency.  Sounds like mixture problems.

> i did put solid stainless steel core ignition wires to
> replace the old graphite core which were pretty well shot. one thing i
> wasnt sure of though was the interference coming from these wires and
> could it affect the crane xr-700 unit that i have installed. well, the
> other day i had the car stated in the driveway and noticed it produced a
> healthy amount of interference on the tv inside. i knew these wires would
> throw out a lot of interference, but it really hit home when i saw the
> lines on the tv set inside the house. could i be doing any harm to my
> xr-700 unit by using these wires? should i go back to graphite core wires?
> any thoughts?

Wouldn't think you'd be getting any interference there.  The ingition
modules are designed to operate in a pretty nasty environment; high
temperature, etc.  Lots of high performance engines use crane ignitions
and steel core wires.  The interference would be into your radio if you
have one and to your neighbors' TV sets.  Keep it moving and who cares? 
Wayne Kube
1979 MGB
Plano, TX       

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