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Re: Tops for B's/ interiors Vendors

To: David Wilkinson <>
Subject: Re: Tops for B's/ interiors Vendors
From: (David Deutsch)
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 12:05:03 -0800
Prestige makes a very nice Mohair Canvas "hood" which I have on my 75 
B. I have a robbin's vinyl on my 66 but only because it's a stow away. 
I would not reccommend Mohair (or "stayfast" as they (Moss) calls them) 
in any color but Black. Prestige mohair comes out to around $300 once 
your done with S&H they also advertise a vinyl for $140 (with zip out 
rear window) Their # is 800-659-2649. Cabibou Canvas, info # 
714-770-3136, has what appears to be a nice product also, I've seen a 
couple around and owners were pleased but the two I spoke with would 
never allow their Bs to be rained on so I don't know how they perform 
in adverse weather conditions.

Leather interiors: Mike Satur is the only full leather seat kits I know 
of many of the other are just leather face and backs are vinyl or 
vinyl/carpet combo. The point here is that Moss and Victoria British 
are, price wise, very inflated and a better product is available for 
less from other sources.
Safety Fast, David Deutsch       

You wrote: 
>Hi all,
>I'm getting ready to put a new top on my 80B. I live in Seattle, so 
>of seal is important. Right now we're snowed in, but I did take a 
>cruise! Anyway, I've seen an Armco? @ $180. Robbins @ $250 and the
>cabriolet from moss for about $500. What would you recommend? I'd 
>spend less, of course - but I don't have a problem spending more if 
>quality is really there. Your input is appreciated.
>David 80B LE
>David Wilkinson
>Edmonds Community College

Speaking of leather, has anyone tried the leather seats from Prestige
out there in
the UK.  They're only $299 without headrests and the ad is in Hemmings. 

Any comments?
I'm thinking about buying a set this spring to redo the seats in my '70


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