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sills, castle rails,inner sills etc

Subject: sills, castle rails,inner sills etc
From: Bruce Phillips <>
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 1996 12:40:54 -0500 (EST)
        I need the wisdom of the list. You may remember me. I am the one
that wanted information on welders etc. Just to let you know , tomorrow my
new  mig welder will be here.
        The GT is ready to weld. What I have done is strip the car of all
but the inner sill. The back part of the inner sill is in good shape and
does not need replacing. I purchased a part inner sill that mates to the
good part just behind the door. I have not removed the inner sill
completely. I have trimmed the rust off of the bottom but left the top and
about 1 inch down the side. My plan is to install the mew "part sill" over
the what is left of the old sill. 

        My question for the list is in what order do I proceeed ? Do I
install the inner sill first followed by the castle rail, the inner panel,
and finally the outer sill. What order is best?

        My other question concerns the fitting of the sils etc. As I have
said I have completely removed all sills ,inner panel and castle rail.
Behind the door where the sill angels upward the top ridge of the inner
panel , and sill were spot welded between the body panels. You had inner
body panel, innner sill, inner panel, outer sill, and outer boday panel all
sanwiched together and spot weldeded. I have cut out all metal flush to this
point. This same situation is present at the front of the car ahead of the
dor post. When I fit the new patrts do I trim off the top ridge and butt
weld to the bottom of the triming i've done, or lap weld the top ridge over
the exposed sides?

        I realize this may sound confusing to some and I appologze. Any help
from those that have gone before would be apreciated.



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