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to Larry re gearbox

Subject: to Larry re gearbox
From: "john ruse" <>
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 96 15:17:42 UT

Larry hi

I tried to send this quite some time ago but I got it back so I'm posting it 
to the list.

Why do you want to pull your gearbox apart if it was working fine the last 
time it was used?!!

There will be no need to replace the synchro rings unless you want to but 
bearings may have become a little one sided and I suppose the oil seals 
wouldn't be too much of a luxury.

I do a kit which includes all bearings, needle, gaskets, sync rings, new 
layshaft  and for good measure a new second gear for 111.00 (bps).

I wouldn't change anything that didn't really need it though, so have a look 
inside, see what you need and get back to me. 

The complete close ratio gearset is 840.00 (bps)

I only do gearbox stuff - nothing else at all.


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