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Re: a moment of mg zen

To: Marc Steinberg <>
Subject: Re: a moment of mg zen
From: Graham McCann <>
Date: Wed, 01 Jan 1997 10:06:28 +1100
At 04:40 am 31/12/96 -0800, Marc Steinberg wrote:
>I found myself last night with my head shoved between the fender and 
>wheel of my MGB, trouble light in hand, pawing through the pea gravel for 
>the tiny screw and lock washer that secure the capacitor inside the 
>distributor...I dropped -- and found -- the thing three times before I 
>mamaged to get the threads to catch without fumbling.
>The whole thing was strangely peaceful.  And afterwards, I went for a 
>-- Marc  (222,978)
It is amazing how many times you can actually find the rotten screws when
they fall into crevices etc but a clue if you could not find the screw
would be to fit a capacitor to the negative or CB terminal on the coil.  It
does the same thing and is easier to fit, even if a bit further "upstream".

Many people have another capacitor fitted permanently to the coil mounting
bolt but not connected to the coil so that they can make a quick connection
if they believe the one in the distributor has failed.  The only problem is
that if the capacitor has failed and is dead shorting (a less likely fault)
you will have to disconnect the distributor capacitor before the new one
will be able to get you going.  If you have lost the screw this will be no

regards  (85 degrees F here!)


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