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80 MGB For Sale

Subject: 80 MGB For Sale
From: "Wayne H. Francis" <>
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 19:25:46 -0800
Hi all...
     After viewing Carol's pictures I felt so sorry for her that I
decided to check into a B that I knew was available here in CA.  She
wants an earlier car so the info is being posted to the list for anyone
interested.  Don't have major detail, but the car belongs to the pastor
of our church who can't afford it in his present circumstances...
recently married, etc.  It's an 80 B, Blue, fully smogged and CA legal.
"Rust free" according to him...CA car.  It was in the parking lot last
Sunday...looks to be in excellent shape.  "It has 108K miles on it;
about 60K on a rebuilt engine."  He drove it to Minnesota and back last
year.  He's asking $3300...have no idea what these things go for.  Be
happy to pass along info to contact him if anyone's interested.

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