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A-series head stud reccomend. needed

Subject: A-series head stud reccomend. needed
From: Matt Liggett <>
Date: 02 Jan 1997 16:07:54 -0500

I'm about to put the [newly reconditioned] cylinder head back on my
1970 Midget (1275).  The head is not oversize or "built" in any way.
Pure stock dimensions, AFAIK.  This is not a performance motor [yet].

I'm seeking reccomendations on head gaskets and studs.  Since this is
not a high-output motor, is there any advantage to the neat studs that
MiniMania and others sell that come with those hip 12-point nuts?
What about copper head gaskets?

Again, this is a stock motor.  Stock carbs, stock exhaust, cams, etc.
Matt Liggett <>
<URL:>                 Bloomington, IN, USA

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