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RE: MGA Chassis Number

To: "Peter G. Gilvarry" <>
Subject: RE: MGA Chassis Number
From: Ernest <>
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 97 12:23:07 -0800
I think a minor correction would be in order. The 16 on the head probably 
indicates a 1622 head. The 1500 and 1600 both had 15 on the head (in most cases 
per moss). 

Also, the chassis number can usually be found stamped on the frame cross member 
under the passenger's knees. It will be the number only without the GHN... 
letter prefix part. But the letter prefix can be reconstructed and a new VIN 
plate obtained from moss. For all US 1600's there were only 2 differend letter 
prefix combinations, one for coupe and one for roadster. Not so for 1500's 
where the original color was coded in it.

In every case I have looked for that stamped number on the frame I could not 
find it until I hit it with a sandblaster. Then it pops out.

The body number near the hinge is useless for identification purposes.


From:   "Peter G. Gilvarry" <>
Sent:   Sunday, January 05, 1997 16:39 PM
To:     Chris Leah <>
Subject:        MGA Chassis Number


It appears as though the number is a body number, if it is located on the 
right hand side of the firewall adjacent to the hinge.

>From the Moss catalog:

MGA 1600 produced from May 59 to April 61. The cahssis number should be 
on a plate affixed to left hand side of firewall shelf, but as that 
appears to be missing you could be in a pickle.

The first 1600 would have been GHN68851, last GHN100351.

The engine is definitely 1600 as 16 means 1600, G means MG, A means 1600 
series, U is center change gearbox, H means High-Compression.

Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I will try to scan the page and attach 
to an Email as a file.

I am looking for a MGA but the guy I am negotiating with has now said his 
wife wants to raise the price. It is a 166 MKII with wire wheels, but 
today I found a MGTD, for a similar price, so maybe that is the way to 

Regards ...... Peter Gilvarry

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