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Re: Weber Ownership

Subject: Re: Weber Ownership
From: (Chad Cooper)
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 97 08:58:27 -0600 (CST)
I get about 29mpg, the power is missing though, just as you said.  The fact
that there is one 32mm barrell that opens up initially, as opposed to two
comparatively huge bores (with SU's) accounts for the low end power loss.
  This is why I was inquiring, not to long ago, about synchronous linkages,
which open both barrels at the same rate instead of the 32mm fully, then the
36mm following.
  I ended up getting a dual 40mm downdraft synchronous weber from Karl
Sharman (thanks again Karl) This more than compensated for the lack of
power, low end and other wise.
 To all the purists I am not knocking SU's, It's just that on my tuition
payin, book buyin budget (soon George, soon) I couldn't afford to fix the
SU's correctly.  I still have them and they will most likely end up back on
the car some day.

Hope This Helps.
Chad "just one more class" Cooper
72' B Daily Driver

>Okay, so I will accept this problem as 'normal'.  But what about power? 
>Mine seems to have lost about 20 hp since the switch.  I can't even spin
>the wheels on wet pavement.
>What kind of mileage do you get?
>Thomas James Pokrefke, III
>1970 MGB

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