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mg prices.

Subject: mg prices.
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 12:59:14 +1000
Hi all,
I am a relatively new mg owner, my wife and I purchased our first, a '64 mgb
only two months ago. Since that I have joined this group and find it really
interesting and informative.

I am however, completely spun out by the price of mgb's as quoted in these
pages. You would be flat out getting 1/3 of an mgb in parts and rusty for
the money that you all seem to be able to buy them at, well those discussed
anyway. We payed 8000 for ours which is an absolute rock bottom price... a
steal in fact. I wonder why these cars are so much cheaper up there than
down here in Australia! Would be a very lucrative business proposition to
import and sell here. Any way here's cheers from OZ,

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