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Re: Dan Hughes

Subject: Re: Dan Hughes
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 16:41:45 EST
On Sat, 18 Jan 1997 12:41:50 EST (Thomas J
Pokrefke) writes:
>I for one would like to apologize for giving you a hard time about 
>your snafu.  Anyone could have done (I almost did it myslef, in fact!) 
>but the fact that it was you and not me made it so funny.  I am sure 
>that you took my ribbing in stride, but if I offended you, I 
>apologize.  Welcome back!
>Thomas James Pokrefke, III
>1970 MGB

Dan certainly took some stick way back whenever but I always thought it
was ALL in fun - it certainly struck me that way! - all the "apologies"
are nice to see but it also struck me that  this really could happen to
anyone (hehehe but aren'e we ALL glad it was Dan and not us!!!)
Puts me in mind oth my own three rules of what is makes something funny

1)seeing someone do something stupid isnt half a sfunny as seeing someone
watch    another do something stupid!

2)the funniest cock-ups are the ones we are all dead scared of making

3)Nothing is TRULY funny until someone gets pissed off!! (hehe)

Applying these to a group involved in the care and maintenance of ancient
cars has limitless potential!!

Taking rule one - I defy any of you to say you havnt sniggered when a pal
skins his knuckles as a spanner slips off a semi obscured nut and falls
to the one place you cant reach it without another tool !
Rule two - either same example.....or.... hearing that someone buggered
up the very job you've been putting off for weeks!!
Rule 3 - Ask David D !  (or watch me at work!!0

Thank God for the humour on the list! Brightens my day. and I just cant
wait to see Dan at a show or something, point him out to my son and say
"THAT is the famous Dan Hughes...!"
Keep smiling folks but never apologise for revelling in the agony of
others, We wouldnt be human else!

now some more laughs

mike robson
69 roadster (been at the body shop since dec 4th for some minor work and
the bastard STILL hasnt got to it!)
70 BGT (just got this one and remember what Porter says..... Rust is
                worse than it looks)
72 roadster (wont start - its 8 deg f!) 

Oh - and one of the dogs chewed up a perfectly serviceable BGT rear seat!

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