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Re: Dash Preservation

Subject: Re: Dash Preservation
From: Graham McCann <>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 08:39:44 +1100
At 09:37 pm 8/2/97 -0500, wrote:
>Fellow MG'ers,
>   I am recovering a dash from a '70 GT for my '69 B. The dash is in fairly
>good shape and will look much better with a cap installed than my existing
>dash. My question is: what's the best way to make a dash last? The material
>seems to remain dry and unpliable (i.e. just waiting to crack) no matter what
>I've tried. I've mostly used Armor 

Amorall is a substance invented by motor trimmers to ensure a continuing
source of work.  It make surfaces, especially if in the sun, crack more
quickly than they would if left alone.  What is the substitute?  I have
found that common old baby oil is as good as anything (and this was the
recommendation of a motor trimmer after being imprisoned without food for
10 days - only joking).  The problem is that baby oil takes a while to dry
but the speed with which it soaks into the surface is a good indication of
how thirsty the surface is.  For the record the main ingredient of baby oil
is lanoline, which comes from wool.

Give it a try on hoods, tonneaus and vinyl or leather seats.


Graham McCann  Rivett, ACT. Australia
06 2889055

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