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clutch ques.

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Subject: clutch ques.
From: bill <>
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 1997 16:59:46 -0800
Thomas J Pokrefke wrote:


> I think something in my clutch system is about to die.  Is there any

> provision for adjusting the clutch pedal?  I replaced the CMC and rebuilt

> the CSC about 2 years ago.  How far should the lever on the CSC move when

> I push in the pedal?


> Should it prove to be the release bearing, how hard is out to remove the

> engine and leave the tranny in place?  I only plan on replacing the

> release bearing should it prove to be faulty:  I know this is false

> economy, but my finances dictate my actions (what a sad world).  I have a

> new release bearing sitting in the trunk, but no discs or pressure

> plates.


> Finally, would someone who has access to a new plate measure the

> thickness of the friction material?  Should my plate prove to be

> excessively worn (ie - less than 1/2 the thickness of new) I will replace

> it.


> Thanks,

> Thomas James Pokrefke, III

> 1970 MGB



Am not sure of the meaning of CSC or CMC, BUT....

In the pedal box, check where the pedal is pinned to the master cylinder

(light goes on!!!!CMC, etc.!!!).  Look at the holes in the master

cylinder rod.  If these are elongated, and/or if the pin is worn, it can

provide enough slack to inhibit or even prohibit clutch action. 

Temporary repair is to weld washers to the rod - permanent repair is a

new rod.

Bill-"been there, done that"

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