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Re: clothing interiors/cockpit covers

Subject: Re: clothing interiors/cockpit covers
From: Graham McCann <>
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 08:50:17 +1000
At 09:41 10-03-97 PST, wrote:
>Two semicontroversial questions:
>At last year's Palo Alto show, I saw an early MGB roadster with cloth
>that was patterned after the original, piping and all.  What a great idea!
>in the summer. Warm in the winter.  Won't shrink in the cold. Won't crack
in the 
>heat. If it gets wet, it just dries out. 


No need to be a purist, just purchase a UK spec rubbernose MGB, made after
1975 and they all have velour upholstery, as did all the MGB GT V8s.

Mind you it was early in the use of woven materials and they were not all
that good but authentic nonetheless. Yes the woven upholstery does have all
the good features you mention although a bit less long life in a roadster
than vinyl/leather.


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