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Re: Why British ?

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Subject: Re: Why British ?
From: Rick Huber <102221.1716@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 12 Mar 97 16:24:48 EST
Hi there fellow MG listers,

I've been lurking off and on for a few months since having my hard disc crash
just before Christmas and then work getting more and more hectic over here in
the Netherlands  and just haven't kept up too much.  I've gone from an every day
digest reader to probably twice a week.  But the thread about Why British ?
really got me stirred up enough to participate.

What got me started with British cars was driving  my Uncle's '67 4.2 liter
Jaguar XKE roadster the first week I got my driver's license in 1969.  We lived
in Florida (driving age 16) and went to Louisiana for Christmas to visit
relatives.  While there, I got my driver's license (driving age 15).  In the
span of a week, I drove my  Dad's cousin's Mercedes 220 SL and my Uncle's Jag.
Was I feeling great or what !!   The Jag to me was unparalleled.  I remember the
curvy 2 lane road, the wind in the hair, the powerful acceleration, the
tightness in the curves, my uncle saying "Rick, do you realize how fast you're
going" when I was doing about 85 thinking it was 45 - the awesome panic stop
(just to do it)  with those 4 wheel discs.  Certainly a day to treasure and keep
me longing for my own XKE to this day.  I could have shot my Uncle when he sold
the Jag while I was in college without him asking me if I wanted it.  Yes, I
would have borrowed or stolen for that car - I think he sold it for about $2000
in the early '70's.   Yea, like $20,000 now. 

Wasn't too much later all of us in high school were getting our first cars - I
went through a Corvair (I bought for $20 - what a story that is), and my pride
and joy '67 Mustang hardtop.  But one of my best friends with more money to
spend than I, bought a BRG '68 MGB, and I remember many a night after we'd close
McDonalds and cruise around town in the MG.  Of course I'd get to drive
occasionally, and while it certainly wasn't a Jag, it sure was more fun than the
Mustang or VW's or other cars that everybody had in those days.  

That's led me to 5 MGB's and C's in my adult life, with my current '68 BRG B at
home in Louisiana for my Dad to enjoy while I'm on my  one year assignment here
in The Netherlands.  Boy do I miss my car, and boy do I envy all of you working
on, driving, and writing about  your cars.  I got to drive Maggie for about a
hundred miles while I was home at Christmas.  That sure was great, but it just
wasn't enough.  To keep up the LBC image, I was out Christmas morning on my back
on the driveway installing the new speedo cable and rebuilt speedo and had
velocity indiation for the first time (except for 26 miles with the new right
angle drive that destroyed itself quickly)  since I bought the car in Jan 93.
Magggie is doing great for Dad, he takes it out on long rides about once a week
when the weather isn't good enough to fly his Ultralight, but good enough for an
LBC ride.

So thanks for rekindling the memories of why I love British Cars and why I miss
mine so badly now.  Come on July !!

Safety Fast,

Rick Huber

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