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Subject: Re: MOWOG
From: Jay Quinn <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 14:43:37 -0500
I thought it stood for Ministies Of Water Oil And Gas.

And that one should have a violent knee jerk reaction
upon seeing it on the car parts.  :)


PS  I enjoyed the cat thread.

At 02:47 PM 4/16/97 -0400, wrote:
>The meaning of MOWOG is cloaked in mystery and was the subject of an extended
>(some will say it was worse than the cat thread! But at least there were no
>death threats with MOWOG!!) thread here in the past.....I have most of the
>thread on a file which I will happily send to those interested.  It makes
>amusing reading at least.
>The conclusion is that it stands for MOrrisWoseleymG....however no one has
>been able to prove this with any factory documentation as yet.
Jay Quinn       '62 Austin Healey MKII Sprite
Systems Engineer

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