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Re: everybody's talking-tangent rant-long

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Subject: Re: everybody's talking-tangent rant-long
From: "C.C." <>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 97 22:00:13 -0500 (CDT)
I agree with you totally
I would like to take the opp. to rant in a similar manner.  I am 22 I have a
'72 B which I have owned (title in hand) since I was 13. This was, always
has been, and continues to be my only car.  The car was "totaled" when I got
it which pretty much did away with the hopes of a "proper" resto. Since that
was out of the question I decided to straighen the body (which came out
rather well with much help from my LBC partial father) and DRIVE it.

It is now sporting it's third motor, second tranny w/od, third interior,
third paint job, and I have loved every minute of doing ALL of it myself.
To me the joy of my car comes from the accomplishment of doing all myself,
not how well my body shop or mechanic could do it.  I have learned more from
this car than probably any other single experience.

I don't knock anyone for their own ideas about what these cars should be,
but it makes me ILL to be talked down to by some old schmuck with nothing
better to do with his money. Talked down to simply because my car is not
original/perfect or because I am young...
Just my .02
72 B daily DRIVER
P.S.  Kai, I realize you were just joking but, I am in the club with the guy
from Lucas, friends with him, and I would like to exclude him from this. He
is one of the few that I get help and respect from.  As for the other Texas
members I could live without a few of them and their condescending
attitudes.  They know who they are...

 fast PM 4/22/97 -0700, you wrote:
>In a simular vein, let me rant about the lack of classic cars on the 
>It seems that to be an accepted member of the classic car community you
>have to have a show quality 'trailer potato' that sits in your garage
>waiting for the next show. I don't want to talk about the correct
>markings that should be on the bolts that hold on the fan shroud, I 
>want to talk about acceleration figures,etc. I would rather see a clapped 
>out '61 Dodge Dart crusing down the road than a pristine Jaguar in some
>static show or museum.
>Cars are dynamic, they must be driven to be enjoyed. A real driver will
>talk about his car, will enjoy his car, will know his car. Not be a
>snob like in the origional email on this thread.
>Now, I'm not arguing against restoration. But many show cars are so
>over restored that they are lawn jewelry rather than automobiles. No
>wonder the owners don't drive them, they've got too much to loose.
>These cars become a garage monument that nobody sees untill the next
>I also feel that this 'over restored' attitude prevents many decent cars
>from being on the road. Many amateur restorers become overwhelmed by
>the level of restoration they feel must be achieved--which leads to
>the unfinished project sitting in the garage for years.
>This is why I like junkyards to much, they are real cars, with 
>personalities and histories. 
>Sure I could paint the dash of my '66 Galaxie where the
>countless miles of keys jangling against it have worn away the paint,
>but that would destroy a piece of the history of the car too.
>We need to show the world that classic cars can be an accepted form of 
>transportation, that classic cars can be touched, driven hard, sat in
>by normal people, used in a normal fashion, and are owned by friendly
>knowlegable people.
> I feel that one reason that the EPA, city codes, zoning,
>etc. has become so against classic cars is that they don't realize that
>they exist in the numbers that they do.
>My Galaxie has 246,000 miles on it, I have shown a part of the world that
> a classic can, and is, the way to go. Soon my Midgets will bring a
>little taste of Britan back too.....
>-Aron Travis-
>"always in a automotive frenzy"
>P.S. I'm not writing this because I have sour grapes
>against restored cars, I have restored cars too! And I take the risk and
>drive them.....

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