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RE: B transmission mounts and cross-member installation tips needed

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Subject: RE: B transmission mounts and cross-member installation tips needed
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 12:37:00 -0700 (PDT)
First make sure that you have the mounts rotated the proper way. There are 
two sets of mounting holes for the main crossmember to the frame and you can 
swivle the v shaped tranny mount 180 deg. If you take this all appart it it 
easy to get it backwards. Putting it togather backwards can move things 
either 3/4 or 1/4 inch off. I found that the best way is to bolt the new 
mounts onto the crossmember first ( one bolt either side ) then bold the 
whole thing up to the tranny with the four bolts. These are course thread 
bolts going into an aluminum tranny so be careful not to cross thread. As 
long as you have all of the mounts on in the right orientation, you should 
be able to line up the crossmember holes with the frame holes and slip a 
bolt through. It helps to have several drifts/punches/screwdrivers so you 
can pry on both holes on one side to work the holes closer. When you're 
there, take out one of the tappered drifts lining up the hole and start the 
first bolt. Go over to the other side repeat and then install the last two 
bolts. Remember that you can adjust the length of the stay rod which 
connects the bracket on the tranny/engine mating area to the crossmember. 
When your done, none of the mounts, tranny or engine, should look like they 
are being twisted or stressed. If they are, you probably have a mount 
backwards somehwere.

Chris Reichle
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Subject: B transmission mounts and cross-member installation tips needed
Date: Monday,April 28,1997 9:24AM

Ok, I've struggled with this too many times.  What tips are there for
installing the transmission mounts and cross member on a late B?  It's
awfully difficult to get the mount brackets to line up with the bolt
holes in the transmission.  I'm sure there is some collective wisdom
out there that I haven't tapped into yet.

I've got the mounts assembled and attached to the cross member, with
the cross member free of the car.  Is this the best way to approach
the problem?

Should I try removing the cross member and go for getting the mounts
and brackets attached to the transmission first, then attached the
cross member?

I rank this task as much more difficult than the left engine mount

Thanks in advance,

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