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Re: V8 Conversion

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Subject: Re: V8 Conversion
From: Rick Huber <102221.1716@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 09 May 97 17:23:18 EDT

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From:   Larry Dickstein,
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Date:   Thu, May 8, 1997, 3:02 PM

RE:     Re: V8 Conversion

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Subject: Re: V8 Conversion
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From: (Larry Dickstein)
Date: Thu, 08 May 1997 08:49:55 EDT

        Sure enough.  Before I forget it, the book "How to give your MG
V8 power" has some neat stuff in it.  Be aware it is not completely
accurate in some spots.  For example, they suggest that the rear
transmission mount be altered 14 mm, I think, offset so the shift lever
comes up thru the center of the hole.  Fine, except that they have not
made your drive line axis NOT STRAIGHT on purpose.  That type of thing
makes for fast wearing u-joints and vibration.  They make the steering
section way to hard, too.
        Enough of the lecture.  The good stuff:

a.  The MG V8 Newsletter
      C/O Kurt Schley
      1855 Northview Rd.
      Rocky River, OH  44116
      It cost $10/ year for two issues.  You probably should buy the back
issues as well.  I think there have been six or seven issues so far. 
Loaded w/ how-to tips, and more importantly, how-not-to tips.  Kurt is a
neat person and spends a lot of time on this.  You are not alone, my

b.  The First Annual MGB V8 Register National Convention held in St.
Louis, MO, June 13-16, 1997.  Contact Kurt for that info and
registration.  The host hotel, The Sheraton Westport Inn, 1-800-822-3535,
will give you the "good" rate, $80, if you mention the MGB V8 convention.
 Hard to tell how many cars will be there.  I am taking my project even
though it is not done.  There ought to be many projects there, as well as
many more complete cars.

Graham was right.  The hurrier you go, the behinder you get.  Take your
time and do it right.  The big burning issue is the emissions.  Check w/
your state first before you buy anything.  It could save you a lot of
aggravation.  Be aware that it may take you a while to find the person w/
the answers for you.  Also be aware that not all state or city employees
are 100% right operating from memory.  Not badmouthing them, I am a
retired Kansas City, MO police officer, and I have probably been guilty
myself.  I'm just pointing out that you need to see stuff in writing.  A
phone call to some less than interested person might get you the wrong
info which will cost you tons of money down the road.  Ask how to get
copies of the state's info on emissions.  Yes, it will take awhile but
you will not have spent 1000's on a car that you cannot register!!!
Second burning issue, check w/ your insurance man.  This will be
considered a "modification".  A little understatement, but a modification
just the same.  Same story-- get it in writing.  I can picture the
adjuster: "Saaaaay, you've put a V8 in your MGB.  This makes your
liability insurance null and void.  We wish that you had told us!!!" 
Yep, twenty-five years of the streets made me a cynic.  I may be cynical
but I don't get buggered either. 
        Having said all that, off you go!!!  Last thing, I promise.  All
your buddies will say that you are nuts but will secretly admire the
vehicle and your nerve.   You get used to it!!!

Larry Dickstein

On 08 May 97 07:52:21 EDT Rick Huber <102221.1716@CompuServe.COM> writes:
>Thanks for the input. Seems like both ways are bigger projects than I 
>they would be.  To make it easier maybe I'll give up on the chrome 
>bumper plan,
>although then there is the emission problem to consider.  I'll chew on 
>it for
>awhile.  In the mean time, can you give me some information so I can 
>get in
>touch with the V8 newsletter.  
>Thanks again, and 
>Safety Fast
>Rick Huber

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