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Wits End

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Wits End
From: "Berrie Watson (ADM)" <>
Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 22:31:45 -0400 (EDT)

I have had my mg at my mother-in-laws for about 2 1/2 months now, and have
done an almost total overhaul, and now have what I think is a horrible
situation.  I have put the engine back together, the head on, after
replacing the rod bearings and piston rings and a valve job on the head.
I was very careful to read the markings on the pistons that say "front"
and put them in with that word toward the front of the car, and was
positive I had the rod bearings on correctly, and after putting it all
together, the crank was absolutely FROZEN.  I checked all of the
components attached to the belts to be sure that the alternator or the AC
or the water pump wasn't frozen- all ok.  

So I pull off the oil pan AGAIN, and look up in there and see the bottom
of the piston shaft (where it widens to go around the crankshaft) wedged
up AGAINST THE CAMSHAFT (3rd cylinder).  I was horror stricken, and took
the rod bearing cap and rotated the bearing out to get enough free play to
pull it down, and thus free the crankshaft to turn.  The big question is,
now that it has been freed, it is INCREDIBLY hard to turn.  My experience
is that 1) with no spark plugs in and 2) transmission disengaged - it
should be fairly easy to turn.  Have I destroyed my crankshaft or
camshaft?  I have done all work with the engine in the car- and never
touched the camshaft (and therefore disturbed no timing).

My questions are:

Have I destroyed my beautiful engine?

How is it possible to have this problem?  Do I have the Pistons in wrong,
or the big end bearing caps on wrong?  

If I manage to solve this conflict, have my bearings been destroyed, or
should I still try to free up the tight crankshaft by trying to turn it?

Any comments are appreciated.  I feel like this MG has turned into a
financial black hole, and am afraid that I may get bad advice from a

                                Berrie C. Watson        
                                Sr.Computer Support Specialist
                                University of South Florida
                                Registrar's Office

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