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Re: Replacing windshield: how hard?VERY!

To: Dave Houser <>
Subject: Re: Replacing windshield: how hard?VERY!
From: Graham McCann <>
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 09:09:41 +1000
At 09:29 am 21-05-97 +0000, Dave Houser wrote:
>Finally after 8 years, the front windshield and rear hatch glass are 
>back in my Special 1967 GT!
>Let me say upfront, this is NOT a job for the faint-hearted!
>I had heard how hard this job was from many who tried it and I 
>listened. I lined up a professional who after waiting 5 months to come 
>to my house finally showed up this past Monday to do the deed. He 
>arrived at 10:30 and left totally exhausted at 5:30. He was a very 
>conscientious type and treated the car with its fresh paint very well.
>However, I don't think he'll tackle one again for a long time.
>First, Problems arose with the seals from Moss­­too loose. He applied 
>a urethane finally to keep them from leaking. With the Suction grip 
>tool for holding the glass, he had to push and pull to line up and 
>center everything before attempting the chrome finishers.
>They are the next problem!
>I'm telling you, I was sweating watching him trying to put these 
>devils in place. I even jumped in on several occasions to help. The 
>bottom chrome(aluminum) front windshield piece from Moss is not the 
>correct shape as the original. There should be more of a bend at each 
>end, their's is straighter. It does not go in. After several attempts, 
>with a lot of care on his part, I have a slight tear in the bottom lip 
>of the seal. This can be fixed but I had him stop at that point and I 
>will attempt to find a piece with the correct shape to it before 
>continuing. Everything else is in place and looks great. This cost me 
>$175 and it was the best bargain to date (except for the $10 AMCO 
>center console).
>My library is chock full of MG tech but sorely lacking on info for 
>proper replacement of these chrome finishers. Anybody out there have a 
>source or set of detailed instructions on fitting these babies they 
>can forward me?
>I leave you with the only reference I have from a very good book, The 
>"MGB-Restoration, Preparation Maintenace by Jim Tyler" --"if the 
>filler strip is a touch awkward to fit, the finishing trim verges on 
>the impossible. The edges locate under a thin rubber lip and there is 
>ample opportunity to stab your way through the glazing strip while you 
>try to persuade it to move over the lip of the trim. The author spent 
>6 hours trying to fit the trim yet had to eventually admit defeat." In 
>trying to contact a windscreen fitter, most "ran the other way when 
>the MGB GT was mentioned".

>Dave Houser

The story is that there were two workers at Abingdon whose sole job was
fitting rear and front screens to GTs.  They were never allowed to be away
at the same time and are reputed to have fitted every sheet of glass in
every GT ever made!

Make you feel better?



Graham McCann  Rivett, ACT. Australia
Phone/Fax: +61 6 2889055

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