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RE: mystery tabs

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Subject: RE: mystery tabs
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Date: Fri, 23 May 97 01:31:16 UT

They are the female counterpart to the male component located behind the seat 
on the battery wall.  Their function is to hold the tonneau taut (in 
combination with a tonneau frame) when used to cover the only the top leaving 
the passenger compartment open.  The male ends are most likely missing from 
the battery wall (most likely wandering around somewhere in your or the PO's 

Hope this helps

Dr. Doug
69 C Rdst
69 C GT
69 B Rdst
71 B GT

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My tonneau cover has two tabs with "lift the dot" fasteners set in them.
One's on each side of the main zipper in about the middle of the cover.
What are they for?
Charlie Frazer

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