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Re: Scratched GT windows

To: Michael MacLeod <>
Subject: Re: Scratched GT windows
From: Graham McCann <>
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 09:37:21 +1000
At 03:10 pm 02-06-97 -0600, Michael MacLeod wrote:
>I've been noticing that nearly all MGB-GT's of my acquaintance,
>including my own, appear to have dozens of long light scratches running
>up and down the door windows.  It's as if there are little steel points
>built into the rubber seals at the top of the doors that are scratching
>the glass as the windows are wound up and down.
>       I don't notice this problem with Roadsters
>Is there a way of getting these polished out?  Is there a way of
>preventing this from happening with new glass?  Any information or ideas
>would be appreciated.
>       Thanks


Not really.  It is a constant problem with GTs.  Caused, I think, by grit,
not anything in the body.  Most people finally have to buy new glass
although others might have super compound for polishing it out.
Fortunately, unlike a windscreen,  the distortion which polishing usually
causes is not a problem on a side window.


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