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RE: Newsletter Names

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Subject: RE: Newsletter Names
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Date: Wed, 25 Jun 97 01:10:42 UT
Skinned Knuckles eh!   
Dirty Nails eh!
PITA eh! (pain in the ass)

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Subject:        Newsletter Names

>I have recently had the dubious honour of being named president of our
local MGA club, "The SouthWestern Ontario Hoser Eh's".
>I would very much like to come up with a name for our "new and improved"
club newsletter (other than "the newsletter"). So far I have not been
struck by any divine inspiration and so I am turning to the wisdom of the
net. Having read numerous postings laced with humour, wit and MG knowledge,
I feel confident there is a name lurking out there waiting to be made a star. 
>One of the other local clubs named their newsletter "the oily rag" which I
thought was quite brilliant. Any suggestions? HELP!
>Kevin Mardell

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