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RE: Painting Rostyles

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Subject: RE: Painting Rostyles
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Date: Wed, 9 Jul 97 14:23:39 UT

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Hert wrote:
> Can you give me advice on how to paint these wheels in the correct pattern? 

  Just admit it'll take a lot of time, and mask them up.

  I cleaned up mine really well, and then sprayed them all black. Then
I masked then by hand, and sprayed a dull silver.

  Takes a long time for all the masking, but the results look great. I
have images on my page (in the tagline).

> For the longer term, I'm still undecided over wires (nice & old fashioned) 
> Minilites (look tough).

  Since you didn't ask for my opinion, I don't think any newer LBCs
look right with wires. MGAs and TR3s, sure, but MGBs, Midgets, and
TR6s and things just look wrong to me. Oh well.


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Dr. Doug

69 C Roadster (Real LBC wheels, 15" WIRES)
69 C GT (Ditto on the 15" wires)
69 B Roadster (smaller wires 14")

Trevor Boicey
Ottawa, Canada

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