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RE: CD player (was Questions)

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Subject: RE: CD player (was Questions)
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 21:33:31 -0500
I have one in my '72 which actually rides a bit stiffer than the later =
70's models did.  The trick is to properly install the CD player with =
the correct bracing on the back of it for support.  If the CD player is =
not allowed room to move inside it's hole, it shouldn't skip.

It's all about mounting...
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On a 77 you shouldn't have to do any hacking I put a CD stereo in my 79
with no problems but had to remove it because it skipped too much I
don't think you will be happy with a CD because the MG rides too
take the CD back if it skips every time you go for a spirited ride down
some back road....Pat

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