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FW: '75B OD problem

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Subject: FW: '75B OD problem
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 17:34:46 -0500

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To:     'Linda Watson'
Subject:        RE: '75B OD problem

Take the square solenoid cover off, with the solenoid exposed you can =
take the thin round piece out (it's sort of a cover also) at this point =
you should see a flat copper contact piece (like a thin washer) with the =
lead from the solenoid winding soldered to it. This copper thing is your =
problem, It has probably flattened out, it is supposed to be bent =
slightly away from the coil so that contact is made between the copper =
piece and the other round piece.  The copper piece is probably a little =
dirty to, clean it with 600 grit sandpaper before reassembly.  This =
should do it, it worked for mine (same symptoms) about a week ago.

Hope this helps.

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From:   Linda Watson []
Sent:   Friday, July 18, 1997 1:11 PM
Subject:        '75B OD problem

<bold><color><param>0000,8080,8080</param>Hi all, If this was covered in
the last OD discussion I missed it.  Problem:  OD cuts out and it always
seems to happen after the car's been running a few miles.  Sometimes
switches back and forth, in quick succession, and sometimes doesn't
engage at all.  Oil level is good, and I don't know what else to look
for.  (By the way, is it supposed to work in third gear?  Mine doesn't.) =

In my last(first message) I rather arrogantly stated that I used to be
obsessed...well, it's coming back!  What's the best owners manual to

Went to Vancouver recently and my baby performed like a true
champ..except for the OD, which was probably just as well as there was
radar set up in more than a few places.  On the whole trip I only had to
gear down once, for the hill approaching the toll booth on the
Coquihalla.    Next trip has to be via the Fraser Canyon; much more=20

Thanks,  Linda

'75 B, beater</color></bold>

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