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Re: The incredible shrinking top

To: Alan Lott <>
Subject: Re: The incredible shrinking top
From: (Robert J. Donahue)
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 13:38:10 -0600 (MDT)
>Hello All,
>The '71 B I just acquired has a pretty decent quality vinyl top in good
>condition. Two problems: 
>problem #1: It hasn't been latched (at the header or at the "lift-the-dot"
>fasteners at the rear) in several years and seems to have shrunk. This
>morning, I pulled several muscles I never knew I had latching it. Is there
>a fix for this? I thought that latching it properly and then leaving it in
>the sun for a couple of days might help, but at this point I'm skeptical. 
>Problem #2: the top is "textured" and even after several thourough (sp?)
>washings, with the usual car washing soap, there is still dirt/gook/slime
>holding fast in the "valleys" created by the texture. Anyone have good luck
>with specific cleaners?
>Thanks in advance. 
>Alan Lott
>GTA Dept of RSE
>Auburn University
>'71 MGB (rolling restoration)
>"Diplomacy is the ability to let other peolple have things your way."

Hi Alan,

About #2, I have a TD vinyl tonneau that's at least 30 years old and
it was filthy. I scrubbed it with a stiff nylon brush and 409 cleaner
(a common household product sold in supermarkets) and it came out
like new!

Bob Donahue 'Still Stuck in the '50s'           
52 MG-TD #17639 under DIY restoration, NEMGTR #11470
71 MGB still in shop, 20 months and counting

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