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Re: Lube the U Joints?

To: Chuck Ciaffone <>
Subject: Re: Lube the U Joints?
From: (Robert J. Donahue)
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 1997 21:26:32 -0600 (MDT)
>I never did see my previous note on the list server,
>so at risk of boring y'all, here it is again.
>Do I really REALLY REEAALLYY need to pull the whole
>drive shaft on my 72 midget just to grease the 2 U joints?
>My grease gun as an end just about 1/2" in diameter. No
>matter how I turn the prop shaft, not enough space opens up.
>Must I disconnect the shaft at the rear axle to grease the
>rear U joint? What's gonna happen when I get to the front
>U joint? Does the whole shaft need to slide out so I can
>wiggle the joints to open up more clearance.
>Or, should I shop around for a smaller grease gun end?
>chuck ( ciaffone
>chuck ciaffone

I bought one of those small one handed grease guns and
filed down the nozzle on two sides to fit into the
U joints on my TD.

Bob Donahue 'Still Stuck in the '50s'           
52 MG-TD #17639 under DIY restoration, NEMGTR #11470
71 MGB still in shop, 20 months and counting

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