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Re: MG TD?

To: "Thomas James Pokrefke, III" <>
Subject: Re: MG TD?
From: (Robert J. Donahue)
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 22:04:14 -0600 (MDT)
>I was driving back to Hattiesburg on Saturday and stopped to look at a
>car for sale that claimed to be an MG TD.  I am unfamiliar with the
>entire 'T' series, so here are its characteristics:
>1.  An octagonal badge on the radiator/grille that said 'TD'.
>2.  A coil spring front suspension
>3.  Normal tires, possibly 185/70R-14
>4.  'Backwards' doors
>5.  Rack-and-pinion steering
>6.  A sign proclaiming "6,000 original miles"
>I decided that the car was a replica, especially in light of number 6. 
>Since I'm still a young fart, I'd be interested in what the older (and
>more stale) farts have to say.
>Thomas James Pokrefke, III
>1970 MGB
Hi Thomas,

No. 1 is wrong, the badge should say MG instead of TD.
No. 2 is original.
No. 3 - The TD has 15 inch tires.
No. 4 is original. (Old farts call these suicide doors, at least on U.S. iron.)
No. 5 is original.
No. 6 is a dream come true if the car is a real TD.

Heres a way to tell if it's a real TD: Take a test drive and if the tach says
4000 rpm at 55 mph, then you have a real TD. (Note to you MGB owners whining
about wanting an overdrive: Take a TD for a spin, you'll never complain about
your Non-OD B's again.) One old farts two cents worth.

Bob Donahue 'Still Stuck in the '50s'           
52 MG-TD #17639 under DIY restoration, NEMGTR #11470
71 MGB still in shop, 20 months and counting

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