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Carb Problem?

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Subject: Carb Problem?
From: "ken hedges" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 1997 22:13:49 -0700
Well they say why fix it if it isn't broken.

I have been having problems for a while now with my 75B

The engine on idle (tic over) felt "lumpy" (engine vibrated)

I thought at first that it was an ignition problem because previous to this
I had the car quit, no spark, tow home, and found the problem in the
points.  Since then have changed coil, plugs, HT leads, condenser, rotor,
and dist cap.

This last weekend was raining so I decided to take the carb off and clean
it, just did  a quick clean up, and it wasn't really that bad.

Got everything back together, and the "lumpy" feeling is still there, plus
now it has a tendecy after accelerating and taking foot off the gas for the
revs to drop very low (300 - 400) and then come back to around 900.

I didn't adjust anything after re installing the carb, so any suggestions.

Is there a slow / idle jet on a Zenith carb that could be blocked?

By the way the car seems to run OK at around 3000 rpm  (50 MPH).

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