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RE: Electric A/C system?

To: "Jacques Dupuis" <>
Subject: RE: Electric A/C system?
From: (Robert J. Donahue)
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 1997 23:07:18 -0600 (MDT)
One HP is 746 watts, which would require 62 amps in a 12 volt system.
Does it really take 4 HP to run the compressor? That would take 248 amps!

>Being an RV"er (and a MGB loyalist), I have never heard of an Electric A/C=
>system used in in a vehicule. The A/C system seen on top of RV"s are 120=
>operated when stationnary.
>If an engine driven A/C system requires say 4HP to run a compressor, the=
>4HP (electric power) would be required. This would require a fairly large=
>electric Motor with a very large amp demand. I do not think any current 12V=
>system could take this for very long. If my calculations are right (I know=
>there are electrical engineers around that could (and will, if I goofed)=20
>destroy my theory) such an electric motor would require  350 Amps to start=
>about 125 amps to run. Not many alternator can sustain that output for=
>"74 B (Chrome) no A/C but top down year round
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>A=A0:  Scott Gardner
>Objet=A0:      Re: Electric A/C system?
>I believe there is a similar unit made for RVs.  Don't know how much
>power they need or how much space they take up (if one would fit under
>the hood).  Maybe there are some RV'ers out there who know?
>Don't assume that because you have found one problem, you have found the
>ONLY problem.
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